Wayne Howsen is the founding Principal of The Aquila School – a new British curriculum school that opened in September 2018 in Dubailand. Wayne Howsen has worked in the UAE for nine years and is now entering his 23rd year as a principal. Prior to joining The Aquila School, Wayne was the principal of a large primary school in Abu Dhabi – and he is proud that this school was the very first in Abu Dhabi to be graded as outstanding in all areas, and is still the only school to have been graded outstanding twice. Before that Wayne was a headteacher in the UK.

Every school that Wayne has led, has been commended for its relevant and engaging curriculum, amazing progress and sense of happiness and fun. Wayne can often be heard saying “we take what we do very seriously but do not take ourselves seriously”. The Aquila School was recently awarded an outstanding rating from British School Overseas (BSO) in it’s first year in all areas of assessment – which is very rare in a school’s first year.

Wayne is a qualified school inspector but has always avoided such work as he likes being in school supporting learning and developing school connectedness. Wayne has spoken at several conferences in the UK and UAE and worked as a consultant principal supporting schools in challenging situations.