Louise Dawson is in her 8th year in Dubai. Now at GEMS Jumeirah College, Louise previously worked at GEMS Wellington International for 3 years and spent 4 years at Kings’ School, Al Barsha. Working her way from being a secondary teacher, through to being a Secondary SENCo then finally taking on the role of Head of Inclusion 3-18 Louise now has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she enjoys sharing. Joining Kings’ School, Al Barsha as a new school meant that she has been privileged to set up a department from the beginning; introducing and embedding Policy and Procedure to ensure the accurate identification of students who need support, introducing appropriate intervention, exam access arrangements and the leadership of a team of 35 Specialists in Dyslexia, Autism, Behaviour and speech & Language as well as specialist teachers and support assistants.

Prior to Dubai, Louise spent six years in the UK teaching in a mainstream and a special school in England. Prior to living in the UK, Louise spent eight years in Hong Kong.After 20 years’ in Business, Louise retrained to be a teacher as a mum of three, in her mid-thirties. Her interest in learning support started after her after her child was identified as having SEND. Dissatisfied with the support, she became informed and subsequently retrained. After studying a degree in Education and Needs and becoming a qualified teacher, she completed her UK National Accreditation of Special Education Need Co-ordination. Louise has experienced the highs and lows of parenting children with need through University, as well as the highs and lows of teaching students and supporting parents.