Gulf of Arabia 16th & 17th November 2021

*Preliminary Program – The content may be subject to change. Visit Education Experts Events to stay up to date with program information.

The Qatar National Vision (QNV) 2030 serves as a clear roadmap for Qatar’s future. Following on from the Qatar National Curriculum Framework, Education Experts will  provide a platform to bring school leaders together and share best practices which continue to lead school improvement whilst reflecting Qatar values, traditions and culture.


● Meeting international benchmarks

● Proven research that develops effective educational theories and practices

● Curriculum Design and Implementation which integrates national priorities alongside breadth and balance

● Providing a high quality curriculum delivery  within a wider context of key competencies and subject-bound competencies

● Raising the profile of literacy and numeracy.

● Integrating Innovation and Technology for Learning

● Identification and Intervention for Students of Determination/SENd

● Supporting Exceptional Students. A focus on planning and provision for SEN/G&T

● Strategies for increasing progress for EAL students

● Best Practices in Integrating Cultural Awareness, Health and Well-Being

● Effective CPD Strategies to Support Teachers

● Effectively measuring progress and attainment across phases

● Guide to building effective Parent Partnerships during Identification and Intervention

● Capacity to improve the school and lead change through effective evaluation

● Sharing experiences on how to develop effective and confident middle leaders

● Recruitment and retention

Day 1

Day 2