• Event program formulated by education professionals  • Program delivered by educators for educators  • High quality presentations led by senior leaders  • Sharing of best practise across varying curriculums  • Topics respond to the latest trends in education  • Interactive sessions to engage attendees  • High level of attendees from various schools in the region

Education Experts

Education Experts is a unique set of events bringing together the latest trends and knowledge in Education across a global platform. Leaders across the Education Sector will come together to share their expertise and give the opportunity for fellow educators to take away vital ideas and information that will ultimately lead to school improvement and raising standards.



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Our sponsorship opportunities are designed to be tailor made to the client’s needs as we main to help educate their target audience on key industry issues and up to date solutions.
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Be an active part of the pre-conference and on-site sessions to learn from some of the most experienced professionals on the new age learning and teaching methods.


Listen to the experts and learn how to practically integrate the latest technologies and innovative approach in your teaching methods.


Develop innovative and 21st-century learning methods with the help of your peers and experts by sharing ideas, asking questions and learning new ideas.


Learn the core aspects of innovation to keep you on the track of constant improvement and achieve highest standards of education.

Why Attend 

Education Experts Event


Deepen their understanding of the latest issues and learning innovations for international schools, Listen to presentations from leading international professionals and educators, Participate in stimulating workshops and demonstrations that provide new skills to improve teaching, learning and school management, Explore the gathering of educators, school suppliers, IT experts, educational NGOs and government departments and Establish lasting connections and friendships with fellow educators in the Global Region.

Who Should Attend 

Education Experts Event

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